Kimberly Maxine alias officialcheekykim is a bubbly and diversifying content creator who has gained popularity on TikTok and Instagram among others. 

She has been followed by 1.7 million people on TikTok and 859K on Instagram with her diverse content that covers from fitness to humor to challenges and more.

Coming from California, Kimberly is a 22-year-old Latina fashion blogger who is not only popular in social media, but a talented content creator as well. 

She is noted for her strong presence on various digital platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, where she discloses her fitness schedule, lifestyle tips and goals and also does entertaining cosplay works.

Different segments of Kimberly’s content is comprised of the ‘get ready with me’ videos and displaying leggings and bikinis from different brands. 

She has the special attention on the glute exercises and uses coconut oil as one of the skincare components. 

Where her fan base is vested on fashion, she grants them a chance to go through the photo albums of outfits she has worn on the OnlyFans via messages.

Kimberly, through her Instagram content, has also gained popularity for her NSFW content on platforms like OnlyFans and Twitter, where she uses the handle LatinaBarbieKim. 

She personalizes her profile by having, among other things, several tattoos and boasts as the owner of two dogs.

Kimberly’s skill of bridging with people from different backgrounds and persuading them to adopt a healthier lifestyle with laughter makes her a leader to follow for persons who need motivation and jokes to live a better life.

Kimberly Maxine, 22 years

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