Bunni Emmie, the vibrant American model popular as an internet celebrities on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter has got the hearts of millions with her magnetic charisma and engagement.  Her date of birth, namely, November 4, 1998, is an evidence of the birthplace, Texas, where she was kept hidden secretly with nothing known about her origins or childhood.  Nevertheless, she vigorously upholds her Texan heritage and the household virtues bestowed on by her hometown. With a store of short stories on her social accounts to an all encompassing partnership with major brands, Bunni has made her way to the top of the fashion world.  Moreover, she acted in several music videos among artists such as Nicki Minaj. Bunni’s path to fame, no doubt, has had quite a string of issues to deal with.  Her nickname became an epithet of the dramatic episodes of the rapper Offset.  Nefarious exchanges of text messages between the pair of Bunni and Offset undoubtedly produced shockwaves and in the end Cardi B and Offset parted their ways.  Beside media fervor, Bunni Emmie presented an amiable apology and exhibited her inner character. Despite that she stays in the media limelight, Bunni very painstakingly protects her private life.  Her allegiance to a positive lifestyle is unmistakable as she shows off her beautiful figure on social media. Following @bunniemma on Twitter will let you see her nice and funny posts about topics such as life, hobbies and public opinion.  She is a sociable and creative person with many followers who want to chat with her.

Bunni Emmie, 25 years

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